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Careers in Aviation

What has NASA done for every day living?

Aviation for Kids - Mini Course

Weather Wiz Kids

Web Weather for Kids - Clouds & Storms

FAA Kid's Corner

PBS Kids - All About Aviation

Aviation Concentration

Smart Parts

Lunar Lander

Aviation Trivia

Airplane Slide Puzzles

Terminal Command

Design Your own Aircraft


Click on "Primary Flight Instruments" below and see if you can identify each flight instrument. What does each instrument tell you when you are flying?

Primary Flight Instruments

Making Paper Airplanes

We have all made the basic paper airplane by folding paper in half and half again, folding in wings then letting her fly. Well, if you are interested in something a little fanicer, click HERE to see some really cool designs. You can even print them out on a page and fold on the dotted line to have full color, really cool designs!

PhoneticAlphabet.jpgSAY WHAT???
Pilots have their own way of talking on the radio. You will hear many strange terms when you list and as you start learning to fly. One of things pilots and ATC (air traffic controllers) do is to say letters in a certain way. This is called the Phonetic "Alphabet". Practice spelling your name with the phonetic alphabet to help you remember it.
Click on the Puzzle below to print out a crossword puzzle about the phonetic alphabet.

Crossword Puzzle

2013 Air Race Classic Word Search Puzzle

Aviation Word Find Puzzle

When studying aviation, one of the important things to understand is weather and how it impacts flying, especially flying in a small airplane. The National Weather Service has a free web site, www.aviationweather.gov that has all sorts of information for aviation weather. But what are all of thoose strange symbols that you see on the weather maps and charts. Click below to find out how to read all of those weather maps.

Weather Symbols and their meanings

Converting Standard (12 hou) time to 24 hour clock

Are we there yet?
The more important question is "where are we going?" We are all from somewhere, wanting to go somewhere else, but where should we go and why do we want to go there? The study of U.S. geography is a great topic for pilots. We have airplanes to go somewhere .... anywhere .... but where? Click on the link below to lear a little about our United States and come up with your own idea of where to go and what to do when you get there.


United States Geography - Where do YOU want to go?